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Master Sting goes Fishing for Halibut! Yumm!

Every so often a customer wonders into the shop willing to make a deal. While we can't always accommodate this process, in this case the suggestion was perfect! Kingsley Grant offered us a chance to join him on a fishing charter -something I have always wanted to do - and I had family from land-locked regions all over the country coming in for my Dad's 80th, so it was perfect! In exchange, he got some of his cushions recovered including this lovely fold down.

July 14th, clear skies and calm seas. It couldn't be better for a day out on the water. Kingsley started us early and directed us to the best and pretty much only coffee available at 6:45 on a Sunday morning in Victoria, at Oak Bay Marina.

Our guide couldn't be more knowledgeable! From bird, mammal and fish habits and habitats to regulations to the elaborate fish finding equipment and fishing poles. He either knew about it or had it on board.

He helped us catch Salmon

Master Sting brought in the first one, but it wasn't without a fight and getting a little bloody. This guy was a catch and release, but he hooked it in the fin and this little 40lb salmon put up a bigger fight than the 80 lb Halibut we caught a bit later on.

That was the only Salmon of the day but our next stop after catching some bait was for the big guys laying at 300ft down.

It was a fantastic day because all four fishermen caught a Halibut. Two 80+ pounders had to get thrown back, but we were able to keep two smaller ones. By the end of the night, we had skinned and vacuum packed 60lbs of fresh Halibut!

David caught a dogfish
Shark! We need a bigger boat!

This one made weight

If you ever get the chance to take a fishing charter, do it! The guides are incredible and the experience and the fish you will bring home far outweighs the price! Thanks again King!

Seal at hand to gobble up the leftovers

Master Sting goes fishing
Master Sting gets to provide for his family!

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