Permanent Protection for your Truck

Yellow Jacket Enterprises Ltd partnered with Langeman Manufacturing 4 years ago to be able to spray what we believe to be the best possible protection for your truck bed against damage from scratches and rust.  After considerable research on a variety of leading spray on applications and applicator systems, REFLEX stood out for us for four reasons:

Add Real Value to Your Vehicle

The benefits of a Reflex Bed Liner goes well beyond the physical protection they provide. Adding a professionally installed bed liner can also significantly increase the value of your vehicle, netting you more when it’s time to trade in.

Reflex is Rubbery

Rubbery means your cargo stays put in your truck bed, protecting it from wear, tear, scratches and other damages.  We have been called on to spray Zodiac Interiors, Tow-Trucks because of the non-slip surface that is created with this product.

Reflex is UV Stabilized and fade resistant!

Reflex won’t fade or change colour in 6 months like the others do.  The colour is infused into the polyurea hybrid material and will remain crisp and the colour as intended.  We want your truck bed to remain looking as good as new.

​You will Never need to Replace Your Liner. 

Reflex Bed Liners consist of a two-compound polyurethane/polyuria hybrid coating. In other words, they’re made to last. You’ll never need to replace your bed liner as long as you own the vehicle!

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