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Auto Interior Leather & Vinyl Restoration Services


Attention Dealer principles, GSM’s, Sales Managers and Service Managers!  You have three main goals: Getting, keeping and exceeding the expectations of your customers, two, holding your margins and three,increasing your revenue by providing add-ons!   Yellow Jacket is here to help you with all of the above! Here is how.

Sales Department


The Weekly Lot Walk: A thorough inspection of newly purchased used and new vehicles.  We look for:

  • Scratches, fading, staining, transfer stains, tears and sunken surfaces and smoke burns on leather, vinyl and fabric seats, console covers and door panels.

  • Scratches and gouges on hard plastics surfaces including dash, consoles, door panels, rear cargo areas

  • Paint and wear on Steering wheels

  • Discolouration, fading or scratching on silver trim pieces

  • Holes and discolouration on carpets

  • Burns in or sagging headliner

  • Odours on the inside of the vehicle

  • Hard plastic exterior trim pieces and bumpers for scrapes and road rash

In each case, we can offer a solution!  We can make objections go away the same day they are spotted!  We provide this free weekly and sometimes twice weekly inspection service for all of our dealers so we spot the issues before your customer does and it becomes an issue.

Emergency Services:  Sometimes we can’t spot everything through locked doors or something gets passed us.  You can call us for immediate service if it will make or break a deal or the car is getting delivered soon.  We will, in most cases be able to provide results within 24 hours if not sooner.

Spray in Bedliners:  Trucks are a hot commodity these days with the F-150 continuing to top sales in all categories all across North America.  Smart dealers know they can be more competitive by adding the truckliner to the deal after the truck is sold. Purchasing the base models or those with fewer options, just to build them back up later is going to bring more customers through your door just on price point alone.  Our Spray in Truck Liners are second to none and we have a long list of dealers who we regularly install spray in liners for on same day notice.

Leather Kits:  We are the official distributor and installers for Roadwire Leather kits.  Add value to your cars and your sales by upgrading the interior with a leather kit.  Over 50 colours to choose from we can supply two-toned with contrast stitching and custom embroidery on the back rest.

Seat Heaters, AC and Lumbar Support: At your service!  Offer your customers AC and heated seats and we will install it for you!  Some of us spend a lot of time in our vehicles and have come to expect extreme comfort from them.


 You can upgrade your used car inventory from base to premium by offering and adding these add ons and the client can still avoid the new car price.  The service adds value to the car, the customer and to your margins!

Ultimately our lot walk service can be of tremendous value to your dealership by:

  • Saving the sales manager’s valuable time that he/she can use to sell more cars,

  • Improving resale value of those vehicles

  • Eliminating unnecessary objections by the customer.  A blemish free interior is indicative of a well cared for vehicle!  One less worry for the prospective consumer!

  • Providing awesome add ons that serve to increase your margins!

Contact our certified dealership service technicians to learn more about how we can help your sales increase! You can reach us by dialing (778)430-3333



Parts and Service Department

Service managers can call on us to provide additional service to their clients by managing interior issues while the car is in for it’s servicing.   Take extra care to inspect the interior and call us for pricing. This is an upsell that the client appreciates because you are improving their experience in the vehicle while they drive.  Satisfied in the knowledge that you are looking out for them, you are assured your service customers will keep coming back. We bill the service department directly our wholesale pricing and you bill the client attaching your own margin.  

Our name is backed by our 100% guarantee of service satisfaction.  You can trust us to provide exceptional added value. Call us to book in the add on service or repair your client desires and we will be happy to accommodate.

Reach out today to have one of our interior leather repair professionals provide your dealership services that will transform any car to look brand new!                Call (778) 430-3333 to request a free quote!


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